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32 Small kitchen ideas – to turn your compact room into a smart- 2020

Our small kitchen ideas are perfect for those who are not blessed with a large social kitchen restaurant. Of course, for a kitchen island, a stove and a dining table, you may not have space to squeeze the guests. However, shrinking doesn’t have to be boring. There are very clever ways to make your kitchen countertop cool …

Start by thinking about how you use your kitchen and where everything should be because this will help you decide what type of storage space you need. For example, it is best to store items based on how often they are used, so make sure daily meals are on an easily accessible lower shelf and have higher pieces on special occasions.

Make a small kitchen light and airy by choosing a combination of neutral colors. However, neutral doesn’t just mean beige or cream. Pair white patterned tiles and marble countertops with duck egg blue kitchen cabinets for a vibrant color scheme that makes the kitchen spacious.

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