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47 Beautiful Kitchen Island Inspiration Ideas- 2020

This modern kitchen has many light and clean lines. The white and brass bar stools offer elegant and functional seats, while the clean white furniture, the marble top offers a reflected shine on the island of the marina.

A kitchen island is a useful and multifunctional component. No matter how small your space is, let yourself be inspired by the ideas and suggestions of our small kitchen islands to add more functionality to your kitchen.

Even the smallest kitchen island has many potential uses. When considering small kitchen island ideas, choose an island with the following five skills:

1. Create additional counter space
2. can be used as a counter or breakfast point
3. There is additional storage space with drawers, shelves or hooks
4. The kitchen is sized so as not to interrupt the work flow

A practical dining bench island needs open shelves where the knees can be pinched or a protrusion on at least one side, so that the low-profile, backless bar stool can remain locked.

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