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20 Ways to Get a Asian Zen Living Room- 2020

Merriam-Webster describes Zen as “a state of calm attention, guided by intuition rather than conscious effort”. According to the language spoken in the West, we usually use it to describe everything that is calm, calm, simple and relaxing when it comes to interior design. Zen areas are often defined by important Japanese aesthetic designs, such as rock gardens and tatami flooring. If you love all Zen, you may be looking for ways to include Zen in the central areas of your home. Read on to learn how to get the Zen stay.

When people think of Zen, they often think of Zen gardens. However, don’t think it should be outdoors, as it contains the word garden. The unique living space pictured above puts a Zen garden at home. Since Zen gardens are usually made of sand, stone or gravel, it’s easy to place them indoors because they don’t take care of the natural life of plants. Your Zen garden can be more than just showing it: no matter how long it is outside, you can also rake the Zen garden by meditating.

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