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25 Urban Modern living room Design- 2020

If you like elements of industrial, contemporary and minimalist style, the modern urban aspect can be for you. The modern urban style derives from the cosmopolitan effect (design loft in a large city) that combines contrasting but complementary design elements. It is not uncommon to see the characteristics of the minimalist style with edgy designs and a bit of charm in a modern urban room. However, modern urban design has a softer side than purely industrial or contemporary styles and gives the house a fashionable but comfortable and pleasant appearance.

When there is minimalist furniture in a room, have fun with the “ladder” to pop the pieces. For example, this kitchen has simple shaped necklaces on the island, but the large size creates a dramatic appearance. For arts and mirrors, you can use a mix of large pieces and smaller objects for a variety of effects.

Small details do a lot when you have minimalist furniture. In this room, a curtain fabric with a strong motif would be an excessive explanation. Instead, simple gray curtains were used in combination with a blue graphic applique ornament to add a special finishing touch.

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