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27 Great Ideas That Will Turn Your Backyard Into Paradise- 2020

As much as I like being comfortable in the living room and wandering around in bed, a garden is the real refuge, especially if it is equipped with the right bells and whistles. In fact, your outdoor space can be as inviting, comfortable and elegant as your interior, but it also offers fresh air and nature. So it’s the best of both worlds. From manicured landscapes to majestic courtyards and pools with the status of paradise: get ready to have some luck outdoors with these 27 courtyard ideas so you can keep fit for the summer. And be sure to add your favorites to your favorites so you can bring them home.

Whether you’re starting a project from scratch or adding a swimming pool to your garden, make sure it matches the style of your home’s architectural roots so that everything flows and works together. On this plot of land designed by Nicole Hollis Studio, the modern dark pool tiles and clean lines reflect the open-air structure behind it.

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