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37 Vintage Garden Decor Ideas to Give Your Outdoor Space Vintage Flair- 2020

Vintage garden design is a growing trend for outdoor living spaces. Adding fun antique pieces to your garden from inside the house gives it a unique look that no one will have on the block. The list of 37 beautiful vintage garden decor ideas has everything you need to make your outdoor space boring.

Diving in the flea market, cheer up! Many of these vintage gardens use redesigned or refurbished products to create fun images for your plants. From stairs to kitchen equipment, from manual looms to wheels to sewing machines, almost everything you find in a shop or in a thrifty market can be transformed into a planter! If you want a more rustic country atmosphere, try the ideas with glass jars or galvanized metal buckets. Do you want to bring a romantic Victorian atmosphere to your garden? Try vintage garden decorations using tea glasses and clothing shapes. You can even personalize your vintage garden design with a DIY monogram planter project. When you liven up your backyard with these ideas, it will seem surprising how you would like to spend all your time there. Read on for 37 of these beautiful decorations, shopping lists, tutorials and inspiration!

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