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38 Comfortable bedroom ideas you want to stay in bed all day- 2020

A cozy bedroom needs light, but not all types of light. “Nothing is worse than a bright glow that illuminates the ceiling when you’re in bed,” says Hamel. Turn off the environmental equipment after dark and concentrate in low light conditions. The key to an intimate atmosphere is to combine various lighting sources, including soft bedside lamps and strategically mounted ceiling lights for a dramatic touch. But of course, their best light source will be natural light forever. See below to see what our dream room will be.

Whether your bedroom is small or large, adding wood to the walls is a great way to add a sense of warmth. “It can be as simple as a wood veneer or as detailed as an oak panel,” says Hamel. “When real wood is not possible, there are bright backgrounds that simulate the wooden cladding.” Choosing wooden furniture and accents can also help create this feeling of comfort in areas where panels or backgrounds cannot be added.

For maximum comfort, arrange the room with a four-seater bed. If you are not a fan of curtains or frills, opt for an aerodynamic version with simple uprights and without beams or fabric.

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