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50 Best green bedroom decorating ideas- 2020

Green tones work well together, so don’t be afraid to mix light and dark, blue and yellow tones. As for accents, our current favorite combinations are sage green and blush pink, emerald green and sapphire blue.

But again, as in your garden, green can create a delicate soil for almost any shade – never believe the old proverb that blue and green should never be seen …

Take to the beautiful open spaces with a green forest print wallpaper. Create a full forest with the background of the entire room or attach to a characteristic wall to get a more subtle look. The dark green velvet cushions and curtains highlight the light green shades of the paper, adding warmth to this master bedroom.

The freshness and fullness of the botanical motifs bring joy and life to a bedroom. It’s like identifying the first spring green shoots every time you wake up. Combine the romantic, fresh green motifs of leaves and ferns with shades of cyan blue, soft blush and buff.

It can work in bright green areas, large and small, even on all four walls, if you balance it over the nut with a clean, faded white color on the floor. It will change your mood from day to day, you will feel fresh and energetic in the morning, so the night will be dramatic and exciting. Blushed accents remove intense green and give it a softer and more beautiful feel.

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