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How to Create a Victorian Style Bathroom?

If you want to update the bathroom, you may want to consider an old-fashioned trick. Victorian bathrooms are back in fashion, only this time with a modern twist.

Here we will see the basics behind the Victorian bathroom design, how popular it can turn out and how you can create a Victorian bathroom with a modern twist.
Now it may be hard to believe, but bathrooms were a rather strange concept in the Victorian era. While bathrooms are common, private bathrooms at home were very rare and reserved only for the upper class. The reason for this was that the cost of installing the plumbing was extremely expensive and there was nothing the working class could afford.

They had a tub with a claw design, usually mounted on a gas water heater. However, the heaters were known to explode at the time, which meant that many Victorias avoided using them entirely. The bathroom was usually separate for the bathroom, although it contained a pedestal-style sink.

Sink and toilet are sometimes decorated with floral motifs. Other houses covered the sink and furniture with wooden circles. It was a very simple but beautiful bathroom design.

Obviously, bathroom design has changed significantly over the decades. We no longer have to worry about bursting water kettles or ineffective drainage systems to keep the toilet separate from the bathroom. Compared to the Victorian era, we have many more options for choosing our bathroom design.

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