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The best of 57 Children’s Rooms Ideas- 2020

Designing children’s bedrooms can be a daunting task. If you are looking for inspiration or redesign, you need The List, the online directory of design professionals.

Decorated by Bridget Reading, this room is cleverly unisex: any boy or girl would be thrilled because it clearly wasn’t a princess or a macho. The canopy of the Italian countryside of Anthropologie with four-poster beds are hung with golden paper stars, but this can be changed to reflect the current interests of the screen owner: even airfix planes or origami will look sweet. It adapts to a rock star in the construction of the small stage around the corner and its large shelves are perfect for displaying collections of toys and books.

Designed by Wickenden Hutley, this little girl has a nice palette of cream and whites in her room. Elegant details such as the glass chandelier and thick curtains are combined with classic toys such as a dollhouse and a small car. The Lou Lou Ghost chairs, a miniature version of Phillipe Starck’s iconic Ghost design for Kartell, offer a very elegant little design station.

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